An exciting day for the Ceph community

Posted on Thu 03 May 2012 in blog • 2 min read

Today, as you’ve probably noticed if you’re following the development of the Ceph stack, something mighty cool has been happening. The web site received a major makeover with a slick new design, and the people behind Ceph have announced the launch of a brand new company to drive the Ceph stack, Inktank.

As I’ve previously blogged here, Ceph is one of the most interesting storage technologies out on the market today – and this includes both open-source and commercial offerings. It’s exceptionally well designed, extremely scalable, and useful for a frighteningly diverse set of usage scenarios. Up to this point, Ceph development has been driven and funded by New Dream Network, a long-standing hosting provider operating out of Southern California since 1997 under the DreamHost brand. Now, it’s being launched into its own company.

Inktank is about to offer professional services and training around the Ceph stack. I’ve had the pleasure to meet with Inktank President & COO Bryan Bogensberger and others at the OpenStack conference in San Francisco. Indeed, meeting with them was one of my motivations for being there – besides high availability in OpenStack, of course.

What Inktank enables us to do is to remain involved in the Ceph community even more than we previously were. We’re already offering Ceph instruction as part of our High Availability Expert and Cloud Bootcamp for OpenStack training classes. Martin has presented Ceph at CeBIT in Germany this year. He has also just published a well-received article on Ceph in the U.S. edition of ADMIN magazine, and I have another one coming up in next month’s Issue 218 of Linux Journal.

So, we’re excited for Inktank and wish them the best – even though we sadly can’t be at their launch party in Las Vegas on May 8. We appreciate the invitation, guys – have fun!

This article originally appeared on my blog on the website (now defunct).