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Personal Data

This web site does not collect, store, or process Personal Data. It does not require the use of cookies.

Privacy Policy

This web site is hosted on GitHub Pages. The GitHub Privacy Statement applies.

Site Analytics

This web site uses anonymous analytics via Plausible. Plausible does not set cookies, and does not collect personal data. You can read up on Plausible’s privacy-focused analytics approach on their web site. If you want to review the statistics Plausible has generated for this site, you are welcome to visit the Plausible dashboard.

The Plausible Analytics JavaScript code is open source, and is licensed under the Affero GPL. You can review its source code on GitHub.

The Plausible Analytics Privacy Policy applies to Plausible’s service.

External resources

Through this site, you will access some resources that are hosted externally, from the following sources:

Source Domain(s) Applicable Policy
Creative Commons, Privacy Policy
GitHub, Privacy Statement
Google Fonts Privacy Policy
Prezi Privacy Policy
YouTube, Privacy Policy

This policy was last updated on 2022-10-29. The most recent addition was the “Site Analytics” section.