About comments on this site

I've opted against including a comment facility on this site. My rationale is this: if you find something interesting on this site and want to discuss it, then share it on your favorite social network (maybe give Mastodon a try!), and your friends will see what you think. Unless you have exceptionally boring and stubborn friends, this will stimulate the discussion far better than a random comment on a random blog will.1

However, if you find something that's factually wrong in an article, I would very much appreciate a correction. Since this blog is hosted on GitHub, and built and published automatically from its repository, there are a few things you can do to let me know something is wrong, and help me fix it.

  • File a GitHub issue. Go to my repo's issue tracker and hit New Issue. I've created a couple of issue templates for you to choose from.

  • Send a GitHub pull request. Just fork my repo, create your changes on a topic branch, push it to your fork, and send me a PR. You can combine this with filing an issue, but for minor fixes that don't need discussion (such as a typo or grammar fix), just a PR is fine.

  • Use the GitHub Edit feature. If you open any file in my repository's content/articles directory, you'll find an Edit button (look for the 🖉 icon). That way, you can make an edit and create a PR directly from GitHub's web interface. It's functionally the same process as forking, editing your fork, and then sending a PR, but it makes the process a little bit smoother. You can test how that works by opening the edit mode for the page you're currently reading.

Also, if you have something to add to an article, you can follow the same process in order to inject a reference or add a footnote.

  1. Hat tip to my former colleague Kriss Andsten, whose thinking I borrowed here.