My experiment: an interim update

Posted on Sat 14 May 2022 in blog • 1 min read

An update on my small RSS/Mastodon/Twitter social media experiment

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Drizzle: the most influential software project you’ve (probably) never heard of

Posted on Tue 10 May 2022 in blog • Tagged with Development, CI, MySQL, OpenStack • 7 min read

Drizzle aimed to rewrite the MySQL database server. It instead rewrote collaborative software development.

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Sweet & savoury stir fry

Posted on Sun 08 May 2022 in blog • Tagged with Food, Recipe • 3 min read

Easy lunch. With meat, or vegan.

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Entropy, management, and xkcd 927

Posted on Sat 07 May 2022 in blog • Tagged with Work, Communications • 6 min read

As a manager, don’t try to negotiate with the laws of physics.

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An experiment

Posted on Fri 06 May 2022 in blog • 2 min read

I am launching a small experiment. Would you like to help?

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