No, you won't get a PowerPoint from me!

Posted on Sun 11 December 2022 in blog • Tagged with Conference • 3 min read

Dear conference organizers, I use my preferred slide deck framework for a reason. Please don’t try to second-guess me.

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Bye, Birdsite

Posted on Sat 12 November 2022 in blog • 1 min read

Find me on the Fediverse.

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Nebulous Percentage Shenanigans

Posted on Sat 15 October 2022 in blog • Tagged with Work, Communications • 8 min read

I recently learned that I am a “detractor” of things I actually quite like. Here are a few related things I also learned about in the process.

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Uncertainty, industrious compliance, and the illusion of control

Posted on Thu 29 September 2022 in blog • Tagged with Work, Communications • 6 min read

Why are so many managers obsessed with faux certainty in situations when objectively, there can’t be any?

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Something interesting happened at work the other week...

Posted on Sat 16 July 2022 in blog • Tagged with Work • 4 min read

My company’s CEO recently put out a well-written email update instead of calling an all-hands meeting. It was excellent.

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