About me (and this site)

I’ve worked pretty much exclusively with open source software since about the time I graduated from college in 2003. I worked at a small outfit out of Vienna called ADS-System, which was then acquired by Kapsch BusinessCom. I then went to work for LINBIT for about 4½ years, and co-founded hastexo with my partners Martin Loschwitz and Andreas Kurz in 2011. We parted ways 3 years in, and 3 years after that I sold hastexo to City Network Hosting AB.

At City Network I currently serve as VP Education, and I am also the MD of City Network Education Services, the legal entity formerly known as hastexo (the hastexo brand is defunct). Some of the content on this site was originally hosted on hastexo.com, was not carried over onto the City Cloud web site, and I’ve resurrected it here based on popular demand and for reference purposes. Such content is clearly spelled out as such at the bottom of the respective pages. Regardless, you should not mistake anything on this site as official pronouncements of my employer. For those, please head over to citycloud.com, where I also contribute to the City Cloud blog.

Most of the articles on this site cover technical issues, largely around OpenStack, Open edX, and Ceph — but there’s also a sprinkling of Python content and other topics. Some articles are not technical at all, I’ve labeled those Philosophy, though Ramblings might be a more appropriate tag.

This site has an Atom and RSS feed. Its content is available under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license, except where expressly indicated otherwise.