Learn Ceph — For Fun, For Real, For Free!

Posted on Sat 25 May 2019 in presentations • Tagged with Conference, Ceph, Open edX • 1 min read

My lightning talk from Cephalocon 2019.

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Learn Complex Skills, From Anywhere: Combining Django, Ansible and OpenStack to teach any tech skill

Posted on Wed 23 January 2019 in presentations • Tagged with Conference, Open edX, OpenStack, Django, Ansible, linux.conf.au • 1 min read

My presentation from linux.conf.au 2019.

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Replacing the built-in Open edX forum with a suitable alternative

Posted on Thu 02 February 2017 in hints-and-kinks • Tagged with Open edX • 3 min read

Open edX comes with a built-in discussion forum service. Many Open edX users find this service less than optimal: it is the only edX service to require Ruby, it depends on a Ruby version that is outdated and no longer receives security updates (although a fix for that is on …

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Dogfooding Dogwood

Posted on Fri 12 February 2016 in blog • Tagged with Open edX, OpenStack • 3 min read

The Open edX “Dogwood” release is out. We’ve been running its code base in production for several weeks, and can share some first-hand experience.

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My first Open edX contribution

Posted on Tue 05 January 2016 in blog • Tagged with Open edX • 1 min read

In which I talk about landing my first patch in Open edX.

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