Learn Ceph — For Fun, For Real, For Free!

Posted on Sat 25 May 2019 in presentations • Tagged with Conference, Ceph, Open edX

My lightning talk from Cephalocon 2019.

Learn Complex Skills, From Anywhere: Combining Django, Ansible and OpenStack to teach any tech skill

Posted on Wed 23 January 2019 in presentations • Tagged with Conference, Open edX, OpenStack, Django, Ansible, linux.conf.au

My presentation from linux.conf.au 2019.

Use the arrow keys to navigate through the presentation, hit Esc to zoom out for an overview, or just advance by hitting the spacebar.

Replacing the built-in Open edX forum with a suitable alternative

Posted on Thu 02 February 2017 in hints-and-kinks • Tagged with Open edX

Open edX comes with a built-in discussion forum service. Many Open edX users find this service less than optimal: it is the only edX service to require Ruby, it depends on a Ruby version that is outdated and no longer receives security updates (although a fix for that is on …

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Dogfooding Dogwood

Posted on Fri 12 February 2016 in blog • Tagged with Open edX, OpenStack

The Open edX "Dogwood" release is out. We've been running its code base in production for several weeks, and can share some first-hand experience.

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My first Open edX contribution

Posted on Tue 05 January 2016 in blog • Tagged with Open edX

In which I talk about landing my first patch in Open edX.

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