My first Open edX contribution

Posted on Tue 05 January 2016 in blog • 1 min read

I’ve finally submitted my first code contribution to Open edX, a trivial patch for an annoying issue in the LMS start page. The PR is here.

The LMS component in Open edX is the stuff that actually provides a learning platform to students, including the courseware itself, a discussion forum, a wiki, and everything else you need for an immersive learning experience. In our own hastexo Academy environment, it of course also loads the hastexo XBlock to interface with arbitrarily complex, on-demand lab environments.

If you want to know how the LMS fits into Open edX overall, there’s an overview graphic over at for your perusal.

Being a new contributor to Open edX, this obviously involves jumping through yet another Contributor Agreement process. Here’s to hoping this gets resolved quickly.

Update, 2016-02-03

The contributor agreement was squared away really fast; the patch review did, however, take some time. But it’s in now.

This article originally appeared on my blog on the website (now defunct).