Jammy, don’t snap at me!

Posted on Fri 19 August 2022 in hints-and-kinks • Tagged with Ubuntu, Firefox • 2 min read

The current Ubuntu LTS release, 22.04 “Jammy Jellyfish”, tries to force a snap-installed Mozilla Firefox on you. I’m not a fan of that approach.

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Python package dependency checking in a CI pipeline with pipdeptree

Posted on Sun 26 June 2022 in hints-and-kinks • Tagged with Python, CI • 3 min read

Sometimes pip behaves rather oddly when it comes to package dependency resolution. Here’s one way to catch such issues in your CI pipeline.

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Batch-processing stereograms with StereoscoPy

Posted on Sun 15 May 2022 in hints-and-kinks • 2 min read

I often need to process stereograms in bulk. A Python tool named StereoscoPy is very handy in doing that.

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Running a solar-powered laptop

Posted on Sat 14 May 2022 in hints-and-kinks • 4 min read

I’m a happy Pinebook Pro user, and I frequently use it on solar power.

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Universal tox tests (from just about any CI)

Posted on Sun 17 October 2021 in hints-and-kinks • Tagged with CI, Python, GitLab, GitHub, Zuul • 5 min read

I like tox. A lot. I use it all the time. This is a quick summary on how to use it in such a way that it becomes a central anchor point that you can use from all your CI systems.

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