Speaking and BoFing at CloudOpen in San Diego!

Posted on Mon 20 August 2012 in blog • 2 min read

Next week, I will be speaking at the inaugural CloudOpen conference in San Diego. This is your chance to learn about OpenStack high availability and Ceph!

August 29-31, San Diego hosts the first CloudOpen conference, colocated with LinuxCon North America. CloudOpen is the Linux Foundation‘s brand new, stack-agnostic cloud conference where OpenStackers can mingle with CloudStackers and Eucalyptus folks to discuss open-source cloud solutions.

It’s also the conference where I will be giving my fourth (and likely last, at least for the time being) incarnation of the High Availability for OpenStack talk I first delivered at the Folsom design summit back in April. Since then, we’ve had a lot of community involvement for HA in OpenStack, and have made some excellent progress, and I will be more than happy to report on that. This presentation is on Thursday, 2:25-3:10pm in Executsoemive Center Room 2, in the Operations track.

Also, Sage Weil of Ceph fame is joining me for an birds-of-a-feather (BoF) session on Ceph. Ross Turk and I had such an excellent turnout (and a great time) in the Ceph BoF at OSCON that we just had to do another. And Sage agreed to take part, which is excellent. He has a talk on Ceph in the main conference track as well.

The conference organizers do not announce BoF sessions ahead of time on the CloudOpen web site, so I’ve simply set up a Google+ event for you to check in on. The exact location is still TBD (we will be assigned a room based on availability), but we will definitely be in the conference area at the Sheraton in San Diego. If you’re attending CloudOpen and you want to learn more about Ceph, you’re more than welcome to join us!

My personal CloudOpen schedule is available here, by the way. Feel free to grab me at a talk, or in the hallway. See you in San Diego!

This article originally appeared on my blog on the hastexo.com website (now defunct).