High Availability Update: You can now vote our talk into the OpenStack summit!

Posted on Thu 21 February 2013 in blog • 1 min read

For the upcoming OpenStack Summit in Portland, Syed Armani and I have submitted a talk on OpenStack high availability. Here’s how you can make sure it makes it into the program.

Our talk, More reliable, more resilient, more redundant: High Availability Update for Grizzly and beyond, is an extended overview about current and future high availability features in OpenStack. It covers infrastructure high availability, HA features in Nova, Quantum, and several other topics.

I’ve given a shorter version of this talk just this week, at the 2nd Swiss OpenStack User Group meetup, where apparently around 55 people liked it a lot. You can take a look at the slides here, and there will also be a video that should be available later this week.

So, to make sure that this talk makes it into the Summit, we need your help! Voting for Summit sessions is up, and you can vote for our talk here. Please note, you must be an OpenStack Foundation member to vote. If you’re not, and you’re into OpenStack, you can join (for free!) as an Individual Member. Then, you can immediately proceed to the voting page to cast your vote.

Thanks for your support, and we hope to see you in Portland!

This article originally appeared on my blog on the hastexo.com website (now defunct).