My experiment: an interim update

Posted on Sat 14 May 2022 in blog • 1 min read

My social media experiment is still ongoing. A week without posting articles on social media, while asking people to subscribe my RSS feed, has yielded

  • practically zero engagement on Twitter (except for the article on Drizzle article, which was reviewed by other people and then shared by my reviewers),

  • very much non-zero engagement on Mastodon (where some of my followers have apparently been subscribers to my RSS feed for quite a while).

This doesn’t surprise me much: evidently, the habit of subscribing to feed sources via RSS comes more naturally to citizens of the Fediverse.

One nice upside of the experiment is that I have been enjoying content written by others more. My aggregation of about 20-or-so feeds, followed via Aggregator, gives me about 1 to two notifications new post per day, and most of those I find truly enjoyable and insightful.

I will now progress to phase II in my experiment which is to throw new posts out via RSS and Mastodon, but not on Twitter.