Starting Pacemaker

Posted on Tue 04 December 2012 in hints-and-kinks • Tagged with Galera, MySQL, Pacemaker • 1 min read

Once Corosync is running, you are able to start the Pacemaker cluster resource manager on all cluster nodes:

service pacemaker start

Once cluster startup is completed, you should see output similar to the following when invoking the crm_mon utility:

Last updated: Mon Dec  3 15:37:59 2012
Last change …

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Testing resource recovery

Posted on Tue 04 December 2012 in hints-and-kinks • Tagged with Galera, MySQL, Pacemaker • 2 min read

If MySQL happens to die in your cluster, Pacemaker will automatically recover the service in place. To test this, select any node on your cluster and send the mysqld process a KILL signal:

killall -KILL mysqld

Then, monitor your cluster status with crm_mon -rf. After a few seconds, you should …

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MySQL High Availability Deep Dive

Posted on Mon 03 December 2012 in presentations • Tagged with Conference, MySQL, Pacemaker, Galera • 1 min read

This is a tutorial that Yves Trudeau and I presented at the Percona Live UK 2012 conference in London. It covers Pacemaker integration with DRBD, MySQL Replication, and Galera.

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Pacemaker and the recent GitHub service interruption

Posted on Wed 26 September 2012 in blog • Tagged with MySQL, Pacemaker • 7 min read

It never fails. Someone manages to break their Pacemaker cluster, and Henrik starts preaching his usual sermon of why Pacemaker is terrible and why you should never-ever use it. And when that someone is GitHub, which we all know, use and love, then that sermon gets a bit of excess attention. Let’s take a quick look at the facts.

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Speaking at the 2012 Percona Live MySQL Conference

Posted on Mon 27 February 2012 in blog • Tagged with Conference, MySQL • 2 min read

This year, I have the pleasure of returning to the MySQL Conference & Expo as a speaker. Percona have picked up the torch that O’Reilly had held as the conference organizers, and they’re putting together a 3-day conference this year. I am co-presenting a tutorial with Yves Trudeau from …

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