3 places to eat: Tel Aviv

Posted on Mon 19 December 2022 in blog • 2 min read

My Fediverse friends recently encouraged me to share places where I liked to eat in cities I’ve travelled to. And since I’m just back from Tel Aviv, here are 3 of my favourite places to grab a bite in that city.


Ben Yehuda St 171, Tel Aviv

A 24/7 breakfast restaurant that is an excellent location for shakshuka, but it also makes the best Eggs Benedict I’ve found outside Auckland (this doesn’t reflect poorly on the place — Eggs Benny from Auckland are unbeatable). In my opinion, the top item on the menu are the ones with the lamb bacon and spinach.

Benedict has several locations around the city. The most conveniently placed one for touristy purposes is arguably the one on Rothschild; there’s also one in Sarona Market, but my favourite branch is somehow the small one on Ben Yehuda.

Falafel Frishman

Frishman St 42, Tel Aviv

Best falafel I’ve ever had. I prefer the full falafel platter (with generous amounts of Arab salad, hummus, and pickles) over the pita sandwich.

My local friends tell me the sabich next door is also excellent, but I haven’t tried it myself since I’m not too hot on hard-boiled eggs (sorry!).

Haj Kahil

David Razi’el St 18, Jaffa

An Arab cuisine place in Jaffa just outside the old town, on Clock Tower square. The starters are mindblowing and delicious, and the meats are absolutely divine. Bonus: you have a lovely walk back to the central Tel Aviv hotel district, via the waterfront boardwalk.