3 places to eat: Berlin

Posted on Thu 29 December 2022 in blog • 1 min read

My Fediverse friends recently encouraged me to share places where I liked to eat in cities I’ve travelled to. So here are 3 of my favourite places to grab a bite in Berlin. These are three picks from a list that is at least three times as long, from three different city boroughs.

Lemon Grass Scent

Schwedter Straße 12, Prenzlauer Berg

You may scoff at Asian fusion because you’ve seen too many places that are terrible at it. This place is excellent. It’s particularly lovely in the summer when you can sit at one of the curbside tables outside on a balmy evening.

Bejte Ethopia

Zietenstraße 8, Schöneberg

Get your injera fix here! This is a lovely cozy place that I’d suggest you visit with a small group. Highly vegetarian/vegan friendly, although they have excellent meat dishes as well.

Restaurant L’Escargot

Brüsseler Straße 39, Wedding

I’ll happily recommend the eponymous snails, but this is also known to be a source of excellent coq au vin.