1,000 routers per tenant? Think again!

Posted on Sat 08 December 2018 in hints-and-kinks • Tagged with OpenStack • 4 min read

When you allow one of your OpenStack tenants a large number of routers, they may not be getting as many as you think they will.

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More recommendations for Ceph and OpenStack

Posted on Thu 03 August 2017 in hints-and-kinks • Tagged with OpenStack, Ceph • 5 min read

Our series on best practices for Ceph and OpenStack continues.

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Importing an existing Ceph RBD image into Glance

Posted on Fri 17 February 2017 in hints-and-kinks • Tagged with Ceph, OpenStack • 3 min read

As an OpenStack/Ceph operator, you may sometimes want to forgo uploading a new image using the Glance API, because the process can be inefficient and time-consuming. Here's a faster way.

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Replacing the built-in Open edX forum with a suitable alternative

Posted on Thu 02 February 2017 in hints-and-kinks • Tagged with Open edX • 3 min read

Open edX comes with a built-in discussion forum service. Many Open edX users find this service less than optimal: it is the only edX service to require Ruby, it depends on a Ruby version that is outdated and no longer receives security updates (although a fix for that is on …

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The Dos and Don'ts for Ceph for OpenStack

Posted on Mon 28 November 2016 in hints-and-kinks • Tagged with OpenStack, Ceph • 9 min read

Ceph and OpenStack are an extremely useful and highly popular combination. Still, new Ceph/OpenStack deployments frequently come with easily avoided shortcomings — we'll help you fix them!

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