Using ftrace to trace function calls from qemu-guest-agent

Posted on Wed 21 August 2019 in hints-and-kinks • Tagged with libvirt, Linux, ftrace, Qemu • 4 min read

When you are using functionality that is buried deep in the Linux kernel, ftrace can be extremely useful. Here are some suggestions on how to use it, using the example of tracing function calls from qemu-guest-agent.

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Migrating virtual machines from block-based storage to RADOS/Ceph

Posted on Mon 22 October 2012 in hints-and-kinks • Tagged with Ceph, libvirt • 5 min read

Ceph allows you to replace existing SAN storage (or SAN drop-in substitutes) with a flexible storage solution with real scale-out capabilities. Here is how you migrate existing virtual machines managed by libvirt from block-based storage to a Ceph based storage solution.


What you’ll need in order to successfully …

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Roll Your Own Cloud

Posted on Mon 19 March 2012 in presentations • Tagged with DRBD, KVM, libvirt, Pacemaker • 1 min read

Tim Serong and I explore the capabilities of KVM, iSCSI, DRBD and Pacemaker to create a fully open-source enterprise cloud.

Shot at 2011 in Brisbane, this is me babbling, and Tim live-cartooning to the delight of the audience.

This article originally appeared on the hastexo …

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