Speak! How to talk in public and not wreck your voice

Posted on Thu 24 July 2014 in presentations • Tagged with Conference, OSCON, Ignite • 1 min read

An Ignite talk I presented at OSCON 2014. Decidedly non-technical, this covers vocal hygiene and how to take care of your voice.

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Speaking at OSCON 2012

Posted on Tue 03 April 2012 in blog • Tagged with Conference, OpenStack, OSCON • 1 min read

I’ll be speaking at OSCON 2012 in Portland, on high availability in OpenStack.

I learned from O’Reilly yesterday that my presentation proposal for this year’s OSCON, which takes place July 16-20, 2012 in Portland, Oregon, has been accepted. As this is my first OSCON speaking slot (actually …

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